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Spandana Nallapati, MD

On this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Dr. Nallapati about her extraordinary journey from pediatrician to software engineer and sailor, and what that journey can teach doctors about pursuing their dreams and avoiding burnout before it even begins.

Dike Drummond, MD

In this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Dr. Dike Drummond, executive coach and founder of TheHappyMD.com, about his simple methods for lowering stress and improving work/life balance for independent doctors, as well as his own journey out of burnout.

Jawad Arshad, MD

In this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Dr. Jawad Arshad of Wow Health about an innovative approach to Direct Primary Care that eliminates all intermediaries and even gets rid of the need for EHRs. Tune in to learn about a better way to deliver healthcare.

Kristin Yates, DO

In this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Dr. Yates about Imposter Syndrome and how doctors can recognize it, face up to it, and cure it while increasing self-confidence and creating actionable plans to achieve their goals.

Steven Huskey

In this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Steven Huskey about the financial and planning mistakes many independent doctors make when setting up their own practices, and how to avoid them.

Chris Wolpert

On this episode, host Christopher Hughey talks to Chris Wolpert of Group Benefit Solutions about pricing transparency in healthcare and how doctors can leverage it to improve outcomes and eliminate costs in our overburdened healthcare system.

Todd Mcglauchlin: This Is Where Doctors Leave Most Money On The Table

Todd Mcglauchlin is an expense reduction consultant with more than two decades of experience. In this episode he shares where most doctors are losing money and how they can go around correcting it.

Erkeda DeRouen, MD: Addressing Racism in Healthcare

We are joined by Dr Erkeda DeRouen, a Board-Certified Family and Lifestyle Medicine physician that serves as a thought leader in healthcare innovation to talk about her own entrepreneurial journey and her challenges as an african-american woman in healthcare.

Ismail Sayeed, MD: The Case for Physician Entrepreneurship

We are joined by Dr Ismail Sayeed, pediatrician and physician entrepreneur to talk about his cross-border telehealth communications platform Vios, why he transitioned away from clinical practice and how his entrepreneurial journey could not have been possible without that clinical background.

Adam Sulkowski: Extreme Entrepreneurship

In this episode we are joined by Adam Sulkowski, professor at Babson College and author of more than 50 papers on entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the upcoming book Extreme Entrepreneurship, where he interviews thriving entrepreneurs in the toughest of environments.

Marshal Allen: Never Pay The First Bill

Marshall Allen, author of the Amazon bestseller ‘Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win’ to discuss how doctors and patients alike can fight a predatory healthcare system and win, and what independent doctors can do to beat a system rigged against them.

Brent Lacey, MD: How to Stop Losing Money to Inefficiencies In Your Practice

In this episode we are joined by Dr Brent Lacey, MD - a gastroenterologist, finance coach and physician entrepreneur to talk about inefficiencies in medical practices, as well as how to identify and avoid them.

Well-Being Index: The Importance of Physicians' Well-Being

In this episode we are joined by Patrick McNally and John McMahon of the Mayo Clinic's Well-Being Index team to talk about physician well-being, how it's measured and how physicians can -and should!- be aware of it.

Niran Al-Agba, MD: Fire Your Pimp!

In this episode we are joined by Dr Niran Al-Agba who shares her experience as a second generation independent pediatric practice owner.

Robert Pearl, MD: How Health Insurance Became America's Biggest Hustle

In this episode Christopher is joined by Dr Robert Pearl, MD, to talk about his latest book Uncaring and the need to stand up against the current healthcare model.

Bill Hennessey, MD: The Quest for Price Transparency in Healthcare

In this episode we are joined by Dr Bill Hennessey MD, founder of Pratter - a medical cost savings and transparency company - to talk about the need for price transparency in healthcare and his approach towards disintermediation between patients and physicians.

Redirect Health: DPC on Steroids

In this episode we are joined by Dr Janice Johnston, MD and Dr David Berg, DC of Redirect Health to talk about their model of DPC.

Indy Direct Docs: Why DPC Is Better For Everyone

In this episode, we are joined by Drs Lindsay Moore-Ostby, MD and Rachel Holliday, MD to talk about their journey from disappointment and burn out to a fulfilling practice that serves their patients, their community and themselves better.

Errin Weisman, DO: From Burnout to Badass

We sat down with Dr Errin Weisman, a former practicing physician who discovered her passion was no longer in clinical care and decided to say goodbye to burn out and become, in her own words, a badass!

Scott Sigman, MD: What Is An Orthopreneur?

We are joined by Dr Scott Sigman, the original opioid-sparing orthopedic surgeon, medical device developer, researcher, founder of OrthoLazer Orthopedic Centers, and main reason for the hashtag #FollowTheFro to talk to us about Orthopreneurship.

Christina Bailey: How You Can Save Up To 50% On Your Medical Supplies

In this episode, we are joined by Christina Bailey of Folium Medical who pulls back the curtain on the medical supply industry. She explains why most independent practice owners are paying huge markups with their day to day medical supplies and what you can do to avoid that!

Jeff Levine, MD: How to Have Pharma Reps and Samples on Demand

Jeff Levine MD, a former gastroenterologist and pharma doc joins us to talk about an app that helps clinicians get their medical samples and access to their reps on demand. No more being interrupted in your office and chased down the hall by the rep. Now YOU call THEM.

Tom Morris: Why Every Doctor Needs a Real Financial Planner

Tom Morris, wealth management advisor, joins us in this episode to discuss why doctors need a real financial planner to help them keep -and grow- the money they make during their career!

Marion Mass, MD: Doctors Reclaiming Healthcare

Our guest for this episode is Dr Marion Mass, pediatrician and co-founder of the grassroots Practicing Physicians of America. Her goal is to help doctors and patients take the driver's seat and evict the rent seekers of medicine.

Brent Jackson, MD: The Business of Healthcare

In this episode we are joined by Dr Brent Jackson, Chief Medical Officer for Mercy General in Sacramento, CA to discuss the physician life-cycle, burnout, and transitioning into leadership within healthcare.

Don Angle, MD: PCPs Saving Healthcare

Our guest this week is a physician and serial entrepreneur who claims to know how to fix our broken healthcare system. It involves Primary Care Physicians and what he refers to as mini-insurance companies.

Priscilla Romans, RN: Why Patient Advocates Are Necessary in Healthcare

In this episode, Christopher and Dr E interview Priscilla Romans, a nurse-entrepreneur who founded Graith Care with the goal of helping patients navigate the often complex world of healthcare.

Brian Yodice: Launching a Practice During the Pandemic

In this episode, Dr Brian Yodice shares with our listeners about his experience launching a new chiropractic practice during the pandemic.

Adam Knihtila: How a Virtual CFO Can Make You More Profitable

In this episode we are joined by Adam Knihtila, also known as CFO Adam, to talk about the benefits of having a virtual CFO in your practice. You probably don't know this, but you're leaving money on the table! And hiring a fractionated, virtual CFO, can help you identify and recover it!

Steve Rix: Transparency in Prescription Pricing

In this episode we sat down with Steve Rix from Clever Rx to talk about the big disparities in prescription pricing and how doctors can help their patients get the best prices and avoid sudden price changes.

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