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Welcome to The Entrepreneur MD podcast. I'm your host Christopher Hughey.
In this podcast, both my cohost, Dr E, and I, intend to provide you, the medical business owner with the latest trends, tactics and strategies in telehealth, medical marketing, practice operations and everything else that has to do with being a successful healthcare entrepreneur.
We've already got some great launch episodes lined up for you that include personal branding, patient education, artificial intelligence and many other areas where you will be able to get a leg up on your competition.
So make sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes will release every Thursday.
Oh, and if you are a healthcare entrepreneur, and you'd like to be interviewed on the podcast, make sure you connect with me or Dr E on LinkedIn and let us know. You can find the links to both our profiles in this episode's description.
That's it from me today… I look forward to serving you through this podcast.

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